Unique and likeable

The southern flair, the small, water-filled runnels which can be found everywhere in the medieval narrow streets, the vibrant activity on the market place, the hospitality of the Baden region as well as the excellent cuisine – everybody who gets to know Freiburg is drawn in by the atmosphere. The region is known as Germany’s Tuscany. Freiburg is different, a fact of which its inhabitants are very proud of. Experience this charming city, the people and discover a special and unique atmosphere and joy of living that are it’s very essence.

The 900 years old Freiburg is a so-called “Zähringer-Stadt” with lots of art history. You can still experience and see this in many buildings. Discover the city with one of the numerous guided tours that are offered. There are special themed tours such as art history, urbanism, architecture, archaeology, cathedral and “Münsterbauhütte” (a stonecutter enterprise existing since 800 years), or witch persecution. A lot of tours centre in a very entertaining way around history and little-known aspects of regional history.

Guided tours

The Freiburg cathedral is the city’s landmark and centre of the daily vivid market life. The construction of the turret of the cathedral alone took more than 60 years. People who are willing to climb the 153 steps will have an overwhelming view. But also lots of other points of interest are waiting to be discovered: the preserved city gates with their origin in the 13th century, Germany’s oldest inn with wall fundaments dating back to the time of the foundation of city in 1120, or an urban park, a large oasis of green with gorgeous old trees and wonderful flowerbeds. Numerous museums add to the large variety of offers. A well-arranged guidance system that you can find on steles throughout the whole historic centre informs you about interesting facts about the city and its history. This systems connects all places of interest and museums. That way, you can experience Freiburg on your own and independently.

Discover the city

The region around Freiburg has numerous attractive places worth visiting. Take a walk in the „Mundenhof“ – Baden Württembergs largest animal preserve which is accessible throughout the whole year for free. You can also take the funicular with Germanys largest endless-rope haulage system and enjoy the view from the mountain. You can hike in the vineyards or climb the „Feldberg“. Afterwards, you can relax in one of the numerous wellness- and thermal baths.

Worldwide, Freiburg is well-known as a Green City due to it’s innovative environmental and solar technology as well as due to it’s future-oriented and ecological approach. Sustainability is a consensus the whole city agreed to and which is actively pursued by politics, enterprises and inhabitants. We also committed ourselves to this approach and implemented these values in our model-quarter Vauban with passive houses and pioneer projects. Discover the Green City with more than 30 exciting “Green Spots” – for example by taking the 18 km bike tour of which the Green City Hotel Vauban is one of the informative stops.

We highly recommend to not taking the car for the discovery of Freiburg. A very well developed network of cycling routes allows you to get anywhere safely. This is a very beautiful way of discovering the city. You can rent a bike very easily at “Radieschen”, a bike shop in our quarter Vauban. Please ask our front desk, we are very happy to help you.

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